Posted On Monday, March 28th, 2011 By JP Turcotte

Extreme Orbit, or XO, is a fast-paced old school shooter in full 3D glory. It is inspired by great franchises like Unreal Tournament, Quake and Tribes but comes in its own 21st century flavor. Frantic and satisfying is what comes to mind when you think about XO, except that you are not alone in this experience! XO is a pure product of the mass: massively multiplayer, massively mobile, and massively awesome! That’s why XO is a cross-platform frag fest and that it cannot only push your nitrogen-cooled behemoth, but also fit in your pocket! Smartphones is where gamers lie, casual and hardcore alike, so they need to feel like they are playing a decisive role on the battlefield. XO brings them a complete and distinct way to ramp up their heartbeat! You need a break? We’re fighting an all-out real-time battle out here! The disputed systems are divided in Zones that constantly change allegiance. Unlock new pieces of badass weaponry by winning and holding as many Zones as possible or use your Credits at the Armory. Pimp your team’s orbital vessels and align with a faction. Great battles are fought on ground by opposite teams. Greater battles are fought in Continue Reading